Class Format

Main time slot – afterschool hours – 16.00 – 20.00. Homeschollers are very welcome at any time. Groups and individual lessons running in 1 and 2 hours slots. Our up to date schedule can be found in the main menu.

Groups are usually up to 8 people. First part of the lesson is normaly devoted to some theoretical aspect of a currently studied science with the use of practical demonstration and video materials. Second part consist of experimental work by students under teacher’s supervision. It is parents responsibility to provide all necessary materials for current online lesson. List of this materials usually published, sent to and reminded before and during the cource. Depending on particular program some experiments may involve going outside and/or help from parents (during online classes).

Parents help proved to be nesessary at some point for younger students as it may involve using sharp or hot objects.

Groups are usually formed in accordance with age/ability. We have loose major division in 6-11 and 12-15 yo levels and form groups inside these levels. We make all efforts to develop knowledge and skills of our students towards their group level and above.

All questions regarding class format, materials, and experiments risk assessment should be directed to our email in advance ASAP.